Handmade Paper Box

  • Card Game with Booksyle Box Folding Box

    Booksyle Paper Box


    Customized design

  • Custom Cardboard with Miniatures For Board Games

    Shrink Wrap

    Set up Paper Box



  • Custom Playing Card for Baby Learning

    Playing Cards with Ring

    Paper Box

    Customized Design

  • Custom Playing Card with Cotton Bag

    Cotton Bag

    Playing Cards


  • Customized Design Printed Playing Card With Drawer Box

    Drawer Paper Box


    Customized Design

  • Playing Card Game with Bookstyle Paper Box

    Bookstyle Paper Box



  • Tray in a Slipcase – Drawer Box

    A Drawer style Box also known as a Tray in a Slipcase, is composed of either a deep tray, wrapped and fitted into another tray, or into a slipcase.

    Box with paper sizzle to keep your packaging safe and luxury

    This style of box is ideal for consumer products of all sizes, as well as promotional and marketing campaigns for luxury goods or services.

    This design is fully customizable⎯ you can scale your Drawer Box to perfectly fit its contents, outfit your design with custom inserts, hardware, wrappings and decorative embellishments. Make an impression on your client with a Tray in a Slipcase!

  • Rigid Folding Paper box with front door

    Composed of five covered panels flat before folding to save the space when shipping

    Box with magnet instead of adhesive tape to keep box reuse

    Front doors to keep box easy to open

    Provide a beautiful shape after folded to promote your Brands.

  • Wine Pape box with tray

    The Base and Lid Box with an Insert construction is a no brainer if you’re looking to enhance your wine, cosmetic, perfume, candle or high-end gift collection. This style is composed of a two-piece setup box with an insert that will secure and position your product to your desired specifications. Perhaps you’re looking to create a custom promotional package: situate your presentation materials or merchandise in your choice of board, foam or vac form. Add luxury with an insert overlay like satin cloth. If your goal is to elevate your packaging, choose the Base and Lid with an Insert construction.

  • Rigid lid and rigid folding base

    The classic “box”: a two-piece Base and Lid Box construction makes the perfect product package. The style consists of a set-up tray made from rigid chipboard that is joined at the corners and wrapped in a variety of materials.

    Base folded and put in lid when shipping to save shipping cost

    Set up paper box ,economic way

    Keep your products safe and brands luxury


    Chipboard, White Vat, Black Vat, Coated paper, Foil Stamping, Colored paper Lining, Printed Wraps, Silk Screening, Foam Insert, SBS Board Insert, Vac Form

  • Rigid folding paper box for shirt

    Composed of five covered panels flat before folding to save the space when shipping

    Provide a beautiful shape after folded to promote your Brands.

  • Deluxe Clamshell

    Composed of either two three-sided trays or a four-sided and a three-sided tray that are fitted together and glued into a three-panel folder. This design can have the trays telescoping one another, or when combined with an inner lip, can have the two trays kissing one another for added tray depth. Speaking of, the Deluxe Clamshell creates ample tray space for both documents and 3-D contents. This versatility makes the Deluxe Clamshell popular for limited edition book releases, high end documents and art prints, press kits, product launches and luxury event invitations.