Green Pack has been specializing in manufacturing high quality retail packaging and food packaging since 2007. Our packaging products have escalated over the years as we have been striving to introduce highly functional products that meet customers’ expectation. Equipped with advanced printing, glue spreading, laminating and shaping machines, we manage to control quality strictly for our clients with the whole production line. Our dust-free workshop, which is up to the medical standard, can keep all food packaging products clean and safe. 90% of our products are exported to Japan, Euro and USA.
Main Products:
Retail packaging: Luxury paper shopping bags, Set up rigid paper boxes, Folding paper boxes, Auto machine paper bags(advantages in 50k-100K), Simplex folding paper boxes.
Food Packaging: Bakery/Macaron/Chocolate/Cookie/Fruit/Vegetable Packaging which including paper/PET/PS/PP materials.
1. Self-research& Refitted equipment according to client’s product requirement. We always outperform in creative production process and powerful technique compared with others.
2. Leading design capability and outstanding development ability. We don’t design products for some people or even most people. We design them for every single person. Each of our products is tailored based on specific client requirement.
3.As we get retail and food packaging factories, which can offer retail and food packaging solutions by sets such as paper bags/ paper boxes and plastic trays all together. Client can save both time and costs together by shipping together, which can also avoid color difference.
Green Pack: “Only Green Only Pack Only YOU”. Give us a chance, there will be difference.