Non Woven Bag

  • Custom Laminated Non Woven Bags

    • Use, Reuse, These Bags Are Environment Friendly
    • Polypropylene Cloth-like Material
    • Water-repellent
    • Tear-resistant
  • Non Woven Insulated Cooler Bag with Pearl Wool A Lunch Bag, Non-Woven Insulated Bag, Lisa and Gas Pearl

    This insulated bag is convenient to carry cold foods. It also has a heat preservation effect to keep hot ingredients warm
    Use as a lunch bag to carry lunch boxes, water bottles, etc
    Besides food and bento boxes, it can also be used as a handy bag to carry small items
    Material: Outer Material: Non-woven polypropylene, Lining: Vapor-deposited aluminum film

  • Non-Woven Poly Cooler Tote Bag

    • 75/100gm Non-woven Polypropylene
    • Waterproof Insulated Foil Lining
    • Full Zippered Top Closure
    • Easy Access Open Front Pocket
  • Personalised non-woven cooler bags

    5 Advantages of non-woven cooler bags

    1. Non-woven cooler bags are very strong and can therefore often be reused;
    2. Non-woven cooler bags keep your products at the right temperature, hot or cold;
    3. Non-woven wine bottle bags are 100% recyclable;
    4. Non-woven wine bottle bags can be produced in any size, be it for a number of soda cans or for a pizza box;
    5. Non-woven cooler bags are ideal for a day at the beach.
  • PP-non-woven-bags laminated

    The pp-non-woven-bag laminated is a stable, reusable shopping bag.
    It is made of polypropylene and is not woven. The shopping bag is versatile and both sustainable and gentle on the environment.

  • Recycled PET PP Woven Bags for Brand Promotion

    5 advantages of PET bags /PP Woven Bag

    1. RPET bags are made from recycled material, so you choose a sustainable way of doing business;
    2. RPET bags are strong and can be used for a long time;
    3. The printing options of PET bags are sharp and strong, making the PET shopper an ideal bag for your advertising;
    4. We can supply PET bags from 1000 pieces in any size;
    5. PET bags are rainproof shopping bags;

    Best for promotional advertising or public welfare propaganda

    Strong and durable

    Easy customization sizes and designs

    Cost-effective marketing tool, low-cost manufacturing

    Lightweight, waterproof, colorful

    Reusable, eco-friendly, green product, biodegradable

  • RPET Shopping Bags

    RPET bags are one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to replace HDPE bags and more general disposable plastic bags. In fact, they come from recycled disposable plastic bottles.

    In order to make it stronger, you can laminate the fabric with an additional BOPP film, giving it higher tensile strength, further water-resistant characteristics. The RPET, therefore, is as resistant and useful as polypropylene. In fact, the solidity and durability of RPET make our products eco-friendly, high-quality, and cost-effective.

  • Ultrasonic Non-Woven Bag

    1. Ultrasonic non-woven bag is more delicate than sewn non-woven bag Its side and corner lines are automatically generated by the machine according to the mold, so the specifications are relatively uniform. Therefore, it does not have broken joints and skewed seams.


    1. The production mechanization of ultrasonic non-woven bags is higher than sewing, and the production speed and error rate are lower than sewing. Its management cost and implicit cost expenditure on workers are lower.


    1. Its handbag and the side line of the bag body can be used to press patterns with molds. The patterns are rich in variety, and the products appear high-end and beautiful.