Green Pack’s Solution for AD&VCD #Paperbags

1. Background
Regarding paper shopping bags with twist handle and ropes exported in the name of Xiamen Green Pack, USA will charge 25% tariff +VCD13.84%+AD135.77% that will be 174.61 % in total .
Even we exported in the name of our factory HUIDE which on the list still get 25% tariff +VCD13.84%+AD29.21% that will be 68.05% in total。

2. Green Pack Solutions:

We manufacture most parts of paper bags in Xiamen , export those goods to Indonesia Jakarta Port , unload the goods fished rest part of goods (such as add labels on the cartons, then load the container ship the goods to USA.All the documents including Form B will be well prepared) .The extra fee of Fob Jakarta will be about 25-30% more than Fob Xiamen .Since Fob Xiamen get 68.05 or 174.61% fee in total , our clients can save at least about 40%or 133% if shipped goods from Indonesia.

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