Automatic Paper Bag With Rope

Paper Thickness:80-200gsm Kraft Paper

Bag Length :150-450mm(5.9-17.7inch)

Bag Width:80-200mm(3.1-7.8inch)

Bag Height:250-600mm(9.84-23.6inch)


Price Competitive :100k-1000K,

Day Capability: 60K-70K per machine , 4 Machines in total :about 300K per Day

Paper Rope Handle:S size 125mm(4.92inch); M size 160MM(6.3inch) ;L Size190mm(7.48inch)

Custom-made Handle:Choose you need materials and size.

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Multicolour: Multiple choices in multiple colors, you can choose the color that suits your mood

Design: The paper gift bag are decorated with wavy stripes and with handles, exquisite and beautiful gift bag, you can carry it anytime, anywhere

Material: The paper gift bags are made of good cowhide, environmentally friendly, can be recycled

Use: Wide range of applications, the paper gift bags can be use as a party bag and hold different kinds of objects like some little toys, biscuits, candies, cake, etc

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