Product Tag - non woven bags

  • Custom Laminated Non Woven Bags

    • Use, Reuse, These Bags Are Environment Friendly
    • Polypropylene Cloth-like Material
    • Water-repellent
    • Tear-resistant
  • Ultrasonic Non-Woven Bag

    1. Ultrasonic non-woven bag is more delicate than sewn non-woven bag Its side and corner lines are automatically generated by the machine according to the mold, so the specifications are relatively uniform. Therefore, it does not have broken joints and skewed seams.


    1. The production mechanization of ultrasonic non-woven bags is higher than sewing, and the production speed and error rate are lower than sewing. Its management cost and implicit cost expenditure on workers are lower.


    1. Its handbag and the side line of the bag body can be used to press patterns with molds. The patterns are rich in variety, and the products appear high-end and beautiful.