Base and Lid Rigid Chocolate Box

The classic “box”: a two-piece Base and Lid Chocolate Box construction with pads and PET trays makes the perfect product package. The style consists of a set-up tray made from rigid chipboard that is joined at the corners and wrapped in a variety of materials. Popular for gift items⎯ Chocolate .a Base and Lid box can be scaled and styled to truly showcase your product. Whether you need a package that embodies your luxury brand look, a centerpiece for an eye-catching display, or a signature container for a high volume product launch, the Base and Lid style can be wrapped, foil stamped and embossed to your specific design needs. Add value to your merchandise with your own creative spin on the classic Base and Lid Box.


Chipboard, White Vat, Black Vat, Coated paper, Foil Stamping, Colored paper Lining, Printed Wraps, Silk Screening, Foam Insert, SBS Board Insert, Vac Form

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